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Iceberg Shadow


Iceberg Shadow (Finland)


The director finds a boxful of 8 mm films with pictures from all over the world from a garage sale. The surprising discovery opens the door to a lost world and leads the viewer to a journey around the world and even further with a forgotten adventurer, an old sailor. While seeking the person behind the films the creator begins to wonder what will remain of us, when the results of decades’ commitment end up in a garage sale. (2014, director Antti Seppänen). See the trailer here.

Kesto: 0h 57min

Moi Yalla! is both a film festival and a cultural exchange between Finland and Palestine. It is the first event of its kind in Helsinki. We will screen films back to back, exploring what makes us different and showing where we are the same. "Make films, not wars".

The festival will host a questions and answers session, workshops and introduce few guests, two of them have travelled all the way from Jenin, Palestine for the event.

Tickets are 6,5-8€. You can also purchase a day ticket for Saturday or Sunday for the price of 14€ or a Festival Pass for the entire festival for 25€.