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HAFF: The Road to Alepo

HAFF: The Road to Alepo

This feature film by the German based director Shiar Abdi was shot entirely on location in spring of 2013 during the civil war in northern Syria with the participation of the people of Syria.


Rony, of Syrian descent, works in Germany as a nurse. He crosses the Turkish border to Syria illegally in search of his mother.


He is driven by the longing for his mother, which was believed to be dead. The truth is that she was imprisoned in Syria for many years. Rony, not being too clear about the political situation in his country of descent, is soon after his arrival confronted with the brutal reality of civil war. During his search he meets Nora, a dedicated blogger, who reports about the civil war on the internet. She offers to accompany him to Aleppo in search of his mother.


They get into the control of rebel officer Youssef, who believes them to be supporters of the regime. After the misconception is cleared, it is too late to go to Aleppo and she takes him to her family in Kobani. They witness an attack of government forces and are able to bring some surviving children to the Red Crescent.



Kesto: 1h 24min